Beyond Millennials

is an organization of character and thought development – we provide assistance, advice and facilitate discussions with young people with ideas. We believe that education is a fundamental right and everyone must have access to quality higher education, especially on an international scale.

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What we do

Mutual Understanding

Enhancing mutual understanding and people to people
engagement between millennial leader and youth from
Asia Pacific and across the globe.

Agent of Change

Generating millennials leader as the agent of change to
be able to solve social problems in their society and

Enhancing Competitive Spirit

Enhancing competitive spirit among millennial leaders
and youth to be able to face regional social challenges.

Developing Social Empathy and Ability

Developing social empathy and ability, leadership,
entrep-reneurship, green environment and innovation of
youth and millennial leaders from Asia Pacific

Exchange Ideas

Facilitating millennials leaders to exchange their ideas
cultures, as well as experiences in order to develop
networking for optimizing the potency of millineal leaders

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

in the event of execution there are several agendas we make

Youth Summit

  • Declaration of Asia Pacific Youth
  • Culture and Tourism Observation
  • Gala Dinner and Awarding Night


International Conference

  • Best Delegates
  • Best Paper
  • Honorable Mention

International Symposium

Discussion with several topics:

a. Economic challenges in Asia pacific
b. Social, culture and technological in Asia pacific
c. Environment Sustainable in Asia pacific
d.Challenges of the millennial generation in becoming agents of change in the industrial era 4.0
e. Towards an international community that values ​​diversity


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Making an Impact Across the Globe

Take Your Time and Make Your Change!

What They Say

“Being innovative, creative, and solutive are the characteristic of nowadays young leaders. Learning through discussions with other leaders from around the world is a perfect opportunity to increase our capacity as agent of change. So, prepare yourself and join us in Asia-Pacific Millennial Summit!”

Teguh Imanullah

College student, Belgorod State National Research University

“The leader is not only about us being able to communicate but also how we build a next leadership civilization, I am sure that along with the Asia Pacific Leader Summit, we can create a collaboration of young people to lead this world.”

Rahmat Fitriansyah

Founder and CTO, ProWaqf (Social Crowd Funding)

“The Asia Pacific Millennial Summit is the prestigious leaders summit in the world, prepare yourself and let’s make changes”

Ilham Maulidin

College student, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

“Being a leader is everyone’s duty, and leading is a knowledge that is gained not only in my study but also around you, find it! and follow this event”

Fathin Nisa M. Harahap

College Student, Diponegoro University

Ask us!

Send criticism and suggestions to us so that we can always improve and make changes to the youth through the form below