Frequently Asked Questions

How many person would be selected? And how many person who will get fully funded slot?

There will be 40 person who is selected for this event and only 2 person of 40 would get a fully funded award.

Who held this event ? is this the first time to be held?

This event held by “Beyond Millennial Group” and it’s the first time to be held in this year

This is fully funded?

There is a fully funded and self funded in this event.

Where can i find the requirement for this event?

You can open ( ) for more information about the requirement

Age Restriction?

15-25 th

Where can I download the twibbon?

You can download it through ( )

How much the registration fee?

The registration fee is 50.000 in rupiah and $ 4 in USD

Is this only open for Indonesia youths?

Absolutely no, everyone except from Indonesia who wants to join this event can apply as soon as possible !

Where is the event held?

This event would be held in Malaysia and Singapore on 24 – 28 September 2019

What will you get if you join this event and pay the cost by yourself?

You will get :

  • Flight Ticket (from Jakarta)
  • Consumption
  • Transportation Service
  • Conference kits
  • Hotel
  • Symposium
  • Award
  • International program certificate
  • First aid
  • Sight seeing around our place
Does the delegates will get a proposal to reach the money by itself?

Absolutely yes, we will send it through your personal email.